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Business expansion or relocation

Why do business in Carbon County?

Whether expanding or relocating your business, Carbon County provides a stable environment for businesses to thrive.

No Personal or Corporate Tax and Low Sales Tax

In addition to no personal or corporate taxes, there are no inventory taxes, no franchise tax, no occupation tax and no value-added tax. Wyoming also does not impose a tax on intangible assets such as bank accounts, stocks, or bonds either.

Wyoming sales tax rate is 4% statewide with Carbon County electing up to 2% additional for a total of 6%.


The CCEDC provides access to incentives for start-ups and expanding businesses, including financing options such as the Business Ready Community (BRC) grant and loan program and the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) Grant.

Wyoming also offers a Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption and Sales Tax Exemption on Electricity Used in Manufacturing.

Transportation & Logistics

Interstate 80 and a large network of state highways and county roads allow travel, tourism and commerce to move throughout the county. These corridors also  transport oil, gas and agricultural products across the county and state.

874 miles of the Union Pacific Railroad stretch across Wyoming and through Carbon County, transporting coal, fertilizer, soda ash, sodium products, stone and gravel.

Carbon County is served by 4 public, non-commercial airports: Rawlins Municipal Airport, Shively Field, Dixon Airport, and the Medicine Bow Airport.

Low Property Taxes

Wyoming has among the lowest property taxes in the United States. In Carbon County, assessment ratios are currently 11.5% for industrial property and 9.5% for commercial and residential property. A complete explanation of  how property tax is calculated is available from the Carbon County Commissioners.


The current labor force in Carbon County is 7,063, with a 3.1% unemployment rate. Households in Carbon County earn a median yearly income of $66,796.

Carbon County has a total of 438 businesses. The majority of jobs are within the Accommodation and Food Services, Retail, Health Care and Social Services, and Education industries. Wyoming Department of Workforce Services can assist with employment and training needs.

Healthcare and Social Services

There are 47 healthcare establishments in Carbon County. Memorial Hospital of Carbon County is the largest employer with a 25-bed critical access hospital located in Rawlins and satellite clinics in Rawlins, Saratoga, and Hanna.

The North Platte Valley Medical Center, completed in 2023, provides another 25 beds for acute care and long-term care.

Education & Training

The Carbon County Higher Education Center partners with Carbon County School District #1  and Western Wyoming Community College to offer college-level classes, basic adult education, vocational training, and community enrichment opportunities for all ages.

Little Snake River Valley Community Education Center in Baggs, WY, is an outreach location for the CCHEC.

Public Land

Carbon County is the third largest county in Wyoming, spanning 7,964 miles. 53% of the land is publicly owned, offering opportunities for everything from outdoor recreation, scenic drives and wildlife viewing to livestock grazing and oil, gas and wind energy development.

Carbon County, Wyoming

County Demographics

The population of Carbon County, Wyoming is largely rural, with about half of the population living in ten incorporated towns.


Population: 8,623
Labor Force: 4,075
Bachelor’s Degree: 14.74%
Household Income: $80,144


Population: 1,675
Labor Force: 906
Bachelor’s Degree: 23.96%
Household Income: $79,999


Population: 673
Labor Force: 275
Bachelor’s Degree: 13.89%
Household Income: $54,781


Population: 423
Labor Force: 282
Bachelor’s Degree: 28.93%
Household Income: $41,250


Population: 405
Labor Force: 101
Bachelor’s Degree: 10%
Household Income: $72,421


Population: 370
Labor Force: 225
Bachelor’s Degree: 12.08%
Household Income: $90,178

Medicine Bow

Population: 241
Labor Force: 102
Bachelor’s Degree: 9.28%
Household Income: $54,470

Elk Mountain

Population: 148
Labor Force: 57
Bachelor’s Degree: 20.49%
Household Income: $55,609


Population: 77
Labor Force: 19
Bachelor’s Degree: 10.17%
Household Income: $72,421


Population: 56
Labor Force: 24
Bachelor’s Degree: 23.4%
Household Income: $43,260

Source: Wyoming Business Council, 2023 Data
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Source:, 2022 Data

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