TransWest Express Transmission Project

TransWest Express LLC

Delivering Wyoming Wind Energy

The TransWest Express Transmission Project is a high-voltage interregional electric transmission system that will deliver wind energy produced in Wyoming to the Desert Southwest region (California, Nevada, Arizona), providing much-needed zero-carbon electricity to millions of homes and businesses. Ultimately, the TWE Project will:

  • Broaden consumers' access to domestic, clean, renewable energy sources.
  • Contribute to meeting national, regional and state energy and environmental policies.
  • Help meet increasing customer demand.
  • Provide system flexibility and increased access to the grid for third-party transmission users.
  • Expand regional economic development through increased employment and enlargement of the property tax base. (TransWest will pay property taxes in every county the transmission line crosses.)
  • Maintain the standard of living associated with highly reliable electricity service

Estimated Economic Benefits to Wyoming

$1.188 billion investment in critical infrastructure in Wyoming
$260 million in Property Taxes*
$53.5 million in Sales/Use Taxes

*Paid over 50 years

In addition to tax revenues, this project will generate hundreds of good jobs.
  • Thousands of direct, indirect and induced jobs are anticipated to be created by the construction of the TWE Project transmission line, terminals, substations and related infrastructure. The number of jobs will vary depending on the location, type of activity and duration of the activity, but in general, the jobs will follow the transmission line as it is built.
TransWest Express LLC