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Travel Is An Economic Engine For Carbon County

Travel and tourism is Wyoming' second largest industry and one of Wyoming's largest employers. In 2023, Carbon County domestic and international travelers spent $263 million, generating $15.1 million in travel-generated taxes and supported 1,730 jobs.

Photographs courtesy of the Historic Hotel Wolf, Saratoga Hot Springs Resort, Carbon County Visitors Council and Hack's Tackle & Outfitters.

Accommodations and Food

Carbon County's tourism industry dates back before 1900, when guest ranches were first established.

Today, visitors can experience Carbon County's genuine western hospitality at a variety of places to stay, including specialized stays at resorts, lodges and guest ranches that offer everything from luxury to laid-back getaways.

Additionally, visitors can indulge in some the best food in Wyoming! From casual to fine dining, Carbon County offers an amazing variety of dining experiences.

According to the Wyoming Business Council, this sector of the tourism industry employs the most people in Carbon County with 1,114 employees and generates $71.6 million in sales.

Retail Business

From locally-owned shops, art galleries, department, convenience and grocery stores to retail chain stores, Carbon County is well-supplied with quality products suited to every visitors needs.

The Carbon County Visitors Council, the Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Rawlins Chamber of Commerce and the Rawlins Downtown District Authority are good resources for learning more about the businesses and services in Carbon County.

According to the Wyoming Business Council, the retail industry in Carbon County employs 1,213 people and generates $470.3 million in sales.

Outdoor Recreation

Carbon County has thousands of acres of public land. It is know for it's rich natural resources, gorgeous mountains, scenic vistas and pristine rivers, lakes and streams. It's diverse landscapes attract visitors from all over the world. Many come to fish the "blue ribbon" trout of the Upper North Platte River, soak in Saratoga's natural mineral hot spring pools, golf (3) public golf courses, hike the Continental Divide, hunt Wyoming's big game and snowmobile amid rugged beauty.

The Medicine Bow National Forest encompasses two mountain ranges in Carbon County, the Snowy Range and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, which provide year-round recreation opportunities and scenic drives. The Seminoe Mountains, Ferris Mountain Wilderness Study Area and Shirley Mountains offer more rugged experiences with spectacular scenery.

Museums and Culture

Carbon County's traditional, western heritage is preserved through ten, family-friendly museums and one state historical site. Most of our museums are open seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with off-season tours available by appointment.

Local rodeos, festivals and concerts are among the many family-friendly, annual events that celebrate Carbon County's way of life.


Carbon County has long been known as a premier destination for fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing. It's diverse rangeland and forest habitat host a variety of wildlife species, with plenty of public access.

Pronghorn antelope, mule deer, white-tailed deer, elk, moose, eagles, hawks, heron, geese and ducks are common throughout the county. The Red Desert, located west of Baggs, is home to the largest remaining wild horse herd in Wyoming.

Fishing occurs on most, if not all, of the rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs in the county. Area waters contain several coexisting trout species such as brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat. Walleye are the prized catch at Seminoe Reservoir. The Upper North Platte River is regarded by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department as the "Premier Blue Ribbon Wild Trout Stream" in Wyoming.

Guided fishing trips and big game hunts are available through local guides and outfitters, guest ranches, lodges and resorts.

Industry Advocates

The Wyoming Office of Tourism helps visitors find inspiration to begin planning their next trip to Wyoming.

The Wyoming Restaurant and Lodging Association is committed to improving the business climate and profit of the lodging, restaurant and tourism industry.

The Wyoming Travel Industry Coalition works to increase the economic impact of the travel industry in Wyoming, provide resources for training, communication, education and act as the voice for the tourism industry on legislative and government issues affecting the industry.


More Industries

Carbon County's industries are ever-expanding and improving lives across the world.