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Baggs is located in southwest Carbon County, on the Little Snake River. This historic ranching community was reputed to be a hangout for notorious outlaws Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and their ‘Wild Bunch". Today, Baggs is known for it's beautiful high desert landscape and substantial coalbed methane reserves. Public lands surrounding Baggs are abundant, from the Red Desert to the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. In recent years, over 200 exploratory wells have been drilled, with several producing gas. Hunting is the single largest recreational activity that occurs in the Little Snake Basin and the Sierra Madre mountains.

Public Education

Home of the Rattlers, the Little Snake River Valley School is a K-12 campus that serves the communities of Baggs, Dixon and Savery. Carbon County School District #1 has an enrollment of about 1,537 students (K-12) at the Little Snake River Valley (55), and in Rawlins (1,482). The Little Snake River Valley School has a graduation rate of 100%.

The cost of living in Baggs is 12.9% lower than the U.S. average.


Households in Baggs earn a median yearly income of $72,421. 26.96% of the households earn more than the national average each year. Household expenditures average $66,237 per year.


73.04% of the people in Baggs are homeowners. The median home cost in Baggs is $244,900. Homes here have appreciated in value by 67.7% in the past 10 years. The average rent for a 2-bedroom dwelling is $890/month.

Wyoming Business Council and Best Places.


The Little Snake River Clinic - Managed by UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center is located in Baggs. The clinic provides comprehensive and medical care, physicals, drug screening, x-rays, minor procedures and has an on-site pharmacy for residents in Baggs, Dixon and Savery.

Did you know?

Fur trapper and mountain man, Jim Baker, is buried in a small cemetery near Baggs.

Did you know?

Baggs is named after Maggie and George Baggs, cattle ranchers and early settlers in the Little Snake River Valley.

Did you know?

During the last ice age, large animals inhabited the region. A woolly mammoth skeleton was excavated near Muddy Creek (a tributary of the Little Snake) in the early 1960’s.

Recreation and culture

Things to Do

Adobe Town Horse Mgt. Area

Located west of Baggs, between I-80 and the Colorado border, this HMA encompasses nearly 478,000 acres of mostly BLM-administered public land. The topography is varied from colorful eroded desert badlands to wooded buttes and escarpments.

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Bank Club Bar

Constructed in 1907-1908 to house the First State Bank of Baggs, the Bank Club Bar is one of a few of the original buildings still standing in the community. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Battle Highway Scenic Byway

This 28-mile section of Highway 70 stretches over the crest of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range between Baggs and Encampment. Typically open open Memorial Day through October (weather permitting) this paved route features museums, natural and historic sites, and the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail.

Little Snake River

The Little Snake River flows west along the Wyoming-Colorado state line, supporting native Colorado River cutthroat trout.

Little Snake River Museum

Located 6 miles east of Dixon, this museum features over 15 historic buildings, including Jim Baker’s cabin, built in 1873.

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Outlaw Stop Museum

The Outlaw Stop features The Mathews/Gaddis House (which was a known hang-out for Butch Cassidy and his gang) and the Baggs Town Hall/Fire Station/Jail. Cassidy and his gang never stayed in the jail, but the jail saw many other notorious characters.

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Red Desert

A land of wild horses, roaming herds of antelope, and ever present red-tail hawks. It is also the largest area of unfenced land in the forty-eight states. It’s a harsh country not to be trifled with, but the stark beauty here is more than worth the effort.

Sierra Madre Mountain Range

The Sierra Madre Mountain Range is lightly visited, making it possible to camp, hunt and explore dense areas, hike, bike, ski, and snowmobile scenic trails, and fish for hours without seeing another soul. The Encampment River, Hog Park Reservoir, Green Mountain Falls and a large segment of the Continental Divide Trail are unique to these mountains.

Valley Community Center

The Community Center provides a dedicated exercise room for CrossTRX, Pilates, and Yoga, full basketball court, walking track and exercise machines. The center also has rooms to rent for personal/business events. Daily use fees and memberships available.

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