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Riverside is located adjacent to the town of Encampment on Highway 230, on the banks of the Encampment River. This small town has origins as a ranching headquarters prior to it's establishment in 1900. Rooted in agriculture and logging, Riverside is a popular destination for hunters and fishermen with it's close access to the Snowy Range and Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Food, gas, and lodging are all readily available. When it’s time to wet your whistle, be sure to check out the Bear Trap or the Mangy Moose Saloon!

Public Education

Encampment K-12 is a public school that serves the communities of Encampment and Riverside. It is one of three high schools in Carbon County School District #2 and has a graduation rate of 100%. Carbon County School District #2 has a total enrollment of about 556 students, with schools located in the communities of Elk Mountain, Encampment, Hanna, Medicine Bow and Saratoga.

Riverside's cost of living is 12.9% lower than the U.S. average.


Households in Riverside earn a median yearly income of $43,260. 17.86% of the households earn more than the national average each year. Household expenditures average $48,054 per year.


71.43% of the people in Riverside are homeowners. The median home cost in Riverside is $252,700. Homes here have appreciated in value by 11.08% in the last year. The average rent for a 2-bedroom dwelling is $920/month.

Wyoming Business Council and Best Places.


Memorial Hospital of Carbon County - Platte Valley Clinic is located in Saratoga and is the nearest health care facility for residents of Riverside. The clinic houses five exams rooms, one medical procedure room, laboratory and blood draw area, X-Ray, and a dedicated Physical Therapy Suite with two exam rooms and gym/exercise space.

The North Platte Valley Medical Center, to be completed in 2023, will provide another 25 beds for acute care and long-term care for residents in Saratoga, Encampment and Riverside.

Did you know?

The Encampment River flows into Wyoming through the majestic Encampment River Wilderness and its ruggedly beautiful canyon. It continues north, eventually merging with the Upper North Platte River, about seven miles north of Riverside.

Did you know?

In 1902, the Taylor Publishing and Engraving Company began publishing the Riverside Record. The newspaper reported weekly and was only in existence until 1904.

Did you know?

Encampment and Riverside host exciting annual events to celebrate their rich history through family activities, old-fashioned melodramas, jamborees and rodeos.

Recreation and culture

Things to Do

Battle Highway Scenic Byway

This 28-mile section of Highway 70 stretches over the crest of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range between Baggs and Encampment. Typically open open Memorial Day through October (weather permitting) this paved route features museums, natural and historic sites, and the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail.

Grand Encampment Museum

Walk among 18 historic buildings dating back to the early-1890’s to 1920. The GEM features a two-story outhouse, a segment of the aerial mining tramway used to transport copper ore 16 miles, a tramway diorama and one of the largest photography collections in the West.

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Indian Bathtubs

If you have time for a short scenic hike, the Indian Bathtubs trail is located just south of Riverside. A short 3/4-mile hike along a trail lined with sagebrush and wildflowers leads to a large granite outcrop. Legend has it that the Native American tribes who hunted the Encampment River Valley bathed and played in these natural “tubs”.

Sierra Madre Mountain Range

The Sierra Madre Mountain Range is lightly visited, making it possible to camp, hunt and explore dense areas, hike, bike, ski, and snowmobile scenic trails, and fish for hours without seeing another soul. The Encampment River, Hog Park Reservoir, Green Mountain Falls and a large segment of the Continental Divide Trail are unique to these mountains.

Snowy Range

Whether you hike, fish, hunt, mountain bike, ski, snowmobile, camp, picnic or prefer to observe wildlife along a scenic drive, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure in the Snowy Range. A large network of high elevation trails, that wind among the unspoiled beauty of glacier formed peaks and alpine lakes, is unique to these mountains.

Snowy Range Scenic Byway

Threading its way over the Snowy Range, this scenic route showcases some of the most breathtaking and easily accessible peaks in the Rocky Mountains, including famed Medicine Bow Peak at 12,013 feet. Open Memorial Day through October, weather permitting, this route offers easy access to picnic areas, campgrounds, and a large network of roads and trails.

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